James Olon

My first attempt at processing my own negatives the first photo was professionally done the second is my attempt.

Finally got my scans back from my first few rolls of film. Here are a few of my favorites form my Konica AutoreflexTC shot on Kodak Color Plus 200

So today I woke up before the sun, loaded my yashica electro 35 GT with Fuji super is xtra 400 and went out to chase the sunrise. Feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and arrogance I went on two more photo walks. And then reality slapped me right in the face.

Because digital photography isn’t expensive enough I’ve decided to start shooting film. Don’t send help, send money.

I mean, honestly.

Photo walk this morning was cold and wet. Here’s a throw away from an upgoming project.

I have such bad wanderlust. I just want to get out of the house, go on an adventure.

I’ve been using the iPad Air 4 as my main computer for the past month or so with the magic keyboard. I’ve been surprised at just how much I can actually get done on it.

How on earth do people keep their desk clear? everything I clean it off by the end of the day its trashed again.


The only thing I don’t like is there is no inbox, if I want to remind myself to do something I have to assign that thing a task category.

Playing around with GoodTask don’t tell Federico.

Is anyone using craft?


Why does sunlit keep crashing? I’m running iOS 14.4 it constantly shits the bed.

At the end of June the city decided to have “Black lives do matter” and “End racism now” around the market house. The market house was used to buy and sell slaves so it was a perfect place for the mural. It’s the kind of “fuck you” I can really get behind. About a mont or so ago white out warning the city removed the words and told everyone that it was never meant to be permanent. Last week the city council voted to reinstall the mural. I went down there today to photograph the reinstatement.

Night mode always impresses me.

any thoughs on using this platform strictly as a photo blog?

Golden hour 28mm f4

Got myself an early Valentine’s Day/ happy tax refund gift.

First of the month home screen

I know I’m a few days late but I thought I’d try and do a bit more than a first of the month home screen post for twitter.

I’ve kinda been in the mood for a home screen that is actually full of apps. I still like the minimal style setup but I’m just too lazy to use the spotlight search for everything so I force closed all my apps and after a few days I put the 24 most recent on my home screen. I’m quite happy with the result.

Trying to decide on a mirror less/micro 4/3 camera.

By Design

Spent the morning at my local coffee spot, headphones on writing. I really wish I was able to do that a little more often. It’s hard to make that time. It’s hard to make time for anything that isn’t family related I’ve put all my eggs in that basket. I haven’t so much as been out of the house for anything on my own in nearly a year. I don’t really have any friends anymore. Not like I used to. Not like a friend I can call up and go do something with. That’s by my own design though, I can barely hold family stuff together without any distractions. I feel like I don’t really deserve to have any friends. Most of my old friends were just my drinking buddies. My get into trouble buddies. It’s really hard to make friends as a grown ass man. At this age/point in life most people are done trying to make any friends.

Selfish at Best

I’ve been trying my best to listen to an album start to finish before I go to sleep at night, instead of watching a tv show or movie. And by watch I mean have on in the background while I use my phone to read news or catch up on the rest of the internets. I’m finding that it really winds me down to pick a mellow album and just kinda space out in my headphones. I haven’t really been to interested in any show or movie in recent months. Mostly due to the fact that I just don’t have the time to commit to them. I’m good with that though, I want to use my free time wisely. I want to use that time for things I’m passionate about, music, reading, editing photos, and other things that don’t involve the kids. I know that’s selfish but I think its good to have personal time.

Here is some stuff I’ve been working on.


I bit the bullet and ordered the boundary supply errant. Even got the photo inserts.