James Olon

James Olon

A Day In The Life

I’ve tried a few times today to write a “Day in the life” post, and I’ve failed at every attempt. Then it just hit me, write about today. This way its fresh and accurate. So what follows is as close to a typical “Day in the life” that I think I could ever manage.


I really wish I could tell you that I get up this early because I’m the most productive person in the world, but we have a new puppy and she is up and ready to go the second the sun comes up. So I get out of bed and take her out and feed her. I’m really quiet so I don’t wake up the entire household. After that I try to lay back down, I check twitter, instagram, all that jazz but no email, I’m only doing that on my computer.


By this time I’m full blown awake so I get up and make coffee and turn on CNN and sit at my desk. I check email and check in on my Nerd Chat (Telegram) and see what they are up to, the people in that chat are all over the world so there’s always something going on.


At this point my youngest is up and having some cereal and hanging out with me. My middle child has art camp at 9 this week so I woke her up and got her ready for that. I made some cinnamon rolls. She told me she wasn’t hungry. After that I get dressed and get the two of them in the car, I leave my oldest sleeping and I drop her off at her camp.


Back at home now I get started on my daily stuff. Today is laundry so I get that going. I set my youngest up with some Netflix and I try to sneak in some XBOX with my cousin. On this morning it all actually goes as planned, we play a few games of Apex. When my youngest summons me I call it a day and her and I play with the puppy. My wife has been working overnighters she got home a little bit after noon.


Wife comes home and makes some lunch while I finish folding and putting away laundry. Her and I catch up and hang out for a bit then I have to leave to do pick up from camp.


On the way home we stop for a coffee and a glass bottle orange soda. It’s a great time. She tells me all about her camp and she’s just smiling ear to ear. She loves to paint and make art. After we get home she chills out and I’m back at my desk writing this.


This is the lull in the day. The kids are bored, its hot out, friend are nowhere to be found. This is my least favorite part of the day. On this day we end up watching a movie and having some snacks. That helps get us through that rough part of the day.


Now its time to start dinner, tonight is Brinner. My wife makes the pancakes and I fry bacon and scramble eggs. Its one of the only times of the day where her and I can talk with out the kids bothering us. Tonight we actually eat together at the dinner table, during the summer that’s a rare event. We talk about or day and the girls take turns being silly. This is my favorite part of the day.


Shower time for me, it’s the only part of the day where I can be just alone. I listen to music while I shower. I like to air dry lately so after I shower I just sit on the edge of the tub in my towel and scroll through twitter or apple news.


It’s now bed time for our youngest. I still co-sleep with her and I know, I know but she’s the baby and nobody puts baby in a corner or her own bed. We read a book and then she rolls over and goes to sleep. I really enjoy it to be honest. She’s so still and peaceful its really nice.


Now I’m up and the big girls, my wife and I hang out for a bit. Tonight we get the kids to bugger off and we get to watch one of our shows. The Handmaids Tale, we are slowly working our way through the newest season. There’s something comforting about being able to sit and watch something with someone and not have to talk or anything like that. No phones no distractions.


Now I’m completely knackerd. I take the dogs out one last time and start to get ready for bed. Tonight I take my laptop to bed to finish this up. Some nights I catch up on my podcasts and scroll through reddit until I get tired.


Lights out. 6am will come early.