James Olon

James Olon

Minimalist Me

Around this time last year I started getting into minimalism. I was wondering around YouTube and I came across a video about a male minimalist wardrobe. It really spoke to me so I started looking into more. A lot of the info I found was geared more toward the higher end of products. That just wasn’t going to be doable for me. I set out to achieve a budget friendly minimalist wardrobe and I’d like to share my guide with you.

The first step was going through all of my clothes and seeing what/if anything could be used. I started with T shirts, having worked at a screen printing shop for a few years I have acquired hundreds of shirts. Most of which were just sitting in a box. What I was looking for was natural color solids. I only had a few, but that was a good thing. Next up was bottoms. Again neutral solids. I had some thankfully. Finally was shoes. Full disclosure I am a shoe whore. I have at least 60 pair if not more, I’m afraid to actually count them. I couldn’t stand the thought of getting rid of them all so I worked out a rotation that I’ll explain later.

Ok, all the clothes I don’t need have been bagged up and are ready for donation and I’ve limited my self to just one small dresser and a few hangers. Here’s what I have.

T Shirts- 2 solid black 2 grey 1 white 1 navy 1 maroon

7 shirts for 7 days of the week. The grey and black are fruit of the loom and were around $15 from my local target. The white, navy and maroon are also from target and are the Goodfellow brand. They were bought on sale for less than $10 each. I picked the colors because they basically will go with everything bottom wise.

Pants. It’s really hard for me to find pants that I feel like fit me well. I had A few Goodfellow chinos thatI liked the fit of so I went with them to start. I also found some selvage dark wash denim from target and a light wash pair from old navy. Honestly I’m not crazy about either pair but they were cheap and what I call place holders for until I find the “perfect” pair. I only wear denim in the winter so it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Pants- Grey Chinos Black Chinos Navy Chinos Dark Denim Light Denim

Unfortunately I live in gathering south and it gets crazy hot and humid in the summer here. So short are a must. A few years ago I set out to find the best shorts for me. What I found was Hurley dry fit shorts. They are basically swim shorts with no liner and a button, pockets and zipper. They are light weight and much cooler than regular shorts.

Shorts- Khaki Maroon And a pair of proper swim trunks

Shoes. This has been the most painful part. And the most expensive. It took me some time but I think I have it sorted. In the winter I only wear boots. I have a desert boot and a Service Boot. For the summer I narrowed it down to just a few pairs, blue vans, Chaco Sandals, and a pair of rainbow flip flops that I’ve had for 10 years.

Since I started doing this I’ve honestly felt much better, not having to decide on what I’m going to wear is one less thing for me to have to deal with. My thoughts and energy can be used for more important things. I really think everyone should at least try it, pick out enough clothes for a week put them into a duffel bag or a suit case and live out of it for that week. I think you’ll find it very enjoyable.